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Arequipa – Volcan Misti

Climbing to the Misti Volcano is the most popular symbol of the city of Arequipa. To speak of this volcano is to speak of the people of Arequipa and its rich history. Thanks to this volcano and its acidic eruptions (ashes), the city of Arequipa currently has one of the richest lands for agricultural activity, at the foot of the Misti volcano there are rich valleys, such as the valley of Chilina, inhabited since before the arrival of the Spaniards in the year 1540.

To climb this volcano you do not need a technical preparation since it is not a technical mountain, it is a stratum volcano composed of ash and volcanic lava.

Climbing this volcano is just doing a high altitude trek. The only difficulty we will have when climbing this volcano are the volcanic ash and the sand that in some cases form dunes. The fact that we find these elements in the volcano makes our ascent a little more difficult and forced.

DEPARTURE TIME 4:30 o’clock
English speaking guide (certified)
4WD shared up to 3400M (only to leave / pick up)
Private transportation of 4WD at any time
Meals on the mountain (1B – 1BL)
Store, mats and sleeping bag if necessary
Doorman to carry camping equipment (food and equipment)
Personal porter to carry personal items
Climbing equipment (crampons, ice ax, etc.)
Headlights and canes
Personal oxygen bottle (1m cubic)
4×4 evacuation service at any time
First aid kit for all participants and staff
from our camp
Previous conversation trip
Food and camping equipment for camp staff
Travel insurance
Soft drinks are fine, but alcoholic beverages are prohibited
Drinking water – 4 liters per person throughout the day
Extra batteries for your headlight
Advice for the guide and camp staff
Windproof jacket or windproof pants (you can hire from our office in Arequipa $ 3 USD per day each thing)
Water-proof climbing boot (can be rented from our Arequipa office $ 5 USD per day)
Minimum 45Lt backpack
Windproof jacket
Strong, comfortable and waterproof boots
A complete change of clothes
Lighthouse and many batteries
Sweater and thermal pants and everything you can have to be warm
4 liters of water per minimum person
Hat or cap and sunscreen to protect from the strong sun
Toilet paper
Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruits, cookies, etc.
Camera, a lot of film and spare batteries
Sunglass is highly recommended to protect your eyes from snow and sun
Your personal medications

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Detailed Itinerary

At 00:00 hrs (midnight) you will be picked up from your hotel by an experienced and certified mountain guide and 1 hour of travel in our 4×4 truck from the city to the beginning of the trail (3400m), this is the highest point reached by the 4×4 Hike through rocky paths climbing among bushes and forest of Andean trees such as Queñuales and Andean grass. This climb will take place during the night following the sandy path and sometimes it will be necessary to climb a small section of rock walls 1 or 2 meters high.
After 7-9 hours of hard climbing, you will reach the small crater of the Misti volcano (5730m), you will walk around the crater to see the deepest point of the volcano, you will appreciate the volcanic activity of the sulfuric gas that comes out.

After an incredible vacation we continue climbing to the highest point of the volcano following a sulfur track, where an iron cross is planted looking at Arequipa. The highest point of the Misti volcano is above 5825m, 30 minutes to see photos and spectacular views of the volcanic and snowy mountain range of southern Peru and the incredible view of the Salinas lagoon.
Quick downhill following a dark trail of volcanic sand to find our 4×4 truck located at the bottom of the volcano. Approach the 4×4 and return to the Arequipa hotel and finish the service.



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